Advocacy & Knowledge Dissemination

SGI endeavours to bring about greater public understanding and awareness regarding the challenges of climate change and the energy crisis by engaging industry, academia, and civil society to facilitate civic engagement and collective action. We want Universities to help the world by bringing their ideas and research to the table. We particularly emphasise youth engagement through our university chapters which work towards preparing and motivating the upcoming generation for tackling energy and climate challenges.

Strategic Partnerships

SGI is run with the support and guidance of our board of directors and advisors composed of seasoned policy and energy experts, prominent academicians, and industry leaders with a passionate commitment to climate action and energy security. University professors and researchers who are interested in the field of energy security and climate change are more than welcome to join hands with us and work towards making this world a more energy secure and control its drastic climate changes. We interact and collaborate with a vast network of like-minded peers through strategic partnerships with organisations including universities, think tanks, civil society, multilateral institutions, industry associations, apex bodies, research centres, and other non-profits.

Previous Partnerships : AnaGenesis Fellowship Programme

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