Policy Advisory

Regulatory Consulting

We can help businesses and non-governmental organisations understand the impact of and comply with local, regional, and global health and environmental regulatory requirements that impact their operations today and in the future. We can also help you align your sustainability goals with the energy and climate change public policy environment at the national and international level.


Strategy Advisory

Strategy Development & Implementation

We help organisations turn high level vision and mission into defined goals, strategic roadmaps, and action plans, enabling them to tap opportunities and tackle challenges in the areas of energy security and climate change. SGI thus assists organisations in executing strategy roadmaps by adopting new models and practices and help businesses embrace risks and opportunities in the transition to a low carbon future.

Integrated Market Research and Analytics

SGI can help you actively engage and gain knowledge on the rapidly changing market scenario through the means of market potential analysis, feasibility studies, competition & industry analysis, and marketing analysis.

Technology Advisory

We help energy industry stakeholders as well as entities interested in utilising technology for sustainable development by fostering innovation in products and processes and enabling research and development. We do so through our in-house expertise as well as by engaging academic, research, and industry partners via consortia, clusters, and other such collaborative programs.

Impact Assessment & Decision Support

SGI can provide strong analysis and assessment of climate change and energy crisis impacts as well as socio-economic impacts to help develop, adapt, and evaluate decision-support frameworks for climate risks.

Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability Reporting

We provide end-to-end services for corporate social responsibility programs, including support for enhancing external relationships with stakeholder groups and internally-oriented social and environmental management practices. SGI can develop suitable and compliant methodologies for administering corporate sustainability practices as well as help implement them through fostering relevant partnerships as well. We shall also undertake monitoring and reporting of social and environmental impact as per national and global norms.

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