The Planning Commission of India has developed an energy scenario building tool, the India Energy Security Scenarios, 2047 (, which explores a  range of potential future energy scenarios for India, for diverse energy demand and supply sectors leading up to 2047, 100th year of India’s independence. The energy initiative is available to the public through an interactive, graphical web interface, as well as an excel-based model, and extensive sector-wise documentation.

The model is based on a dynamic and transparent framework to help decision makers reach a particular energy policy conclusion and explore its implication on land usage, water consumption, and carbon emissions. It’s simple, easy-to-use interface aims to give citizens a flavour of energy policy formulation. IESS 2047 explores India’s possible energy futures across energy supply sectors such as solar, wind, biofuels, oil, gas, coal, and nuclear, and demand sectors such as transport, industry, agriculture, cooking, lighting and appliances.

IESS 2047 has been a collaborative effort, with contributions from a range of national and international think tanks, research organizations, governmental and not-for-profit bodies.


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