In our previous avatar as AnaGenesis, the AG fellowship was a holistic, research-based engagement to help organizations achieve maximum market potential, while building a cohort of leaders ready to make a substantial impact the international development space. AG utilized top U.S. and Indian university talent to create and implement research-based hypothesis to develop new products and technology as well as identify potential markets and initiate cross sector collaboration to help organizations and development projects scale.

University partners

Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Boston University, the United States

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and Delhi University, India

Selected projects, enterprise partners, and spin-offs

  • The Institute for Financial Management and Research, Chennai (IFMR Rural Channels & Kshetriya Gramin Financial Services): Development of ICT applications for financial inclusion

  • First Energy (formerly BP Energy India, a 100% subsidiary of British Petroleum), Pune

    • Enhancing operational efficiency and improving calorific value of output for manufacturing of biomass- and agri-waste derived cooking fuel pellets; identification of new raw materials.

    • Development of small-scale pellet fuel manufacturing unit for village-level-entrepreneur program

  • The Boston Urban Business Accelerator (UBX): A spin-off project that helped local small businesses in underprivileged areas in Boston. Featured on MSNBC and Huffington Post, it was later acquired by Boston University and is now a 6-credit class, which is still running today in partnership with software giant Intuit.

  • Other projects and spin-offs included partnerships with social enterprise players in energy and financial inclusion across India, and sustainable coffee farming initiative with FAMILY microfinance, Verrettes, Haiti.

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